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Applied Materials

APPLIED MATERIALS make the equipment used to produce every microchip in the world, and yet few people, particularly in the global investment community, appreciated the company’s unique strengths or market position. Our job was to bring that value into full relief and transform the world’s largest semiconductor OEM into a famous Information Age brand. To tell a compelling global story that was easy to understand, we dramatized the ubiquity of chips in a series of groundbreaking films and print / out-of-home ads shot on location in Andalucía, Beijing, Bombay, New York and Tokyo. In spite of being heavily outspent in the media, recognition of our campaign outstripped those from bellwethers Intel, Cisco and IBM. As a result, Applied Materials became one of the most highly regarded global tech brands and a darling of the NASDAQ.

Featured: Applied become the first company to film a TV commercial at the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan. Directed by Pucho Mentasti for Palomar Pictures. Music by Chihiro Onitsuka.

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