The Road Not Taken

KLA Tencor

KLA TENCOR engineers have developed a light source for inspecting defects on a wafer that is brighter than the sun and optics so powerful they can read the date on a coin from 100 miles in outer space. And yet, in spite of these mind boggling scientific breakthroughs in nano-technology, the focus of the SEMI industries’ annual strategy symposium was on whether the laws of physics had finally caught up with it’s historical engine of growth. CEO Rick Wallace hired us to work on  his keynote address to the ISS. We built a ‘Lighthouse Identity’ for KLA Tencor and shone a beam on the real question being asked: Is Moore’s Law far more likely to die in the boardroom than in the laboratory? Our pitch challenged the status quo and encouraged Rick’s peers to cultivate  a more virtuous, sustainable ecosystem of contributors. As a result, KLA Tencor is now the thought leader analysts navigate by.

Featured: A powerful reading of Robert Frost’s poem gained the attention of the ISS audience.