The most imaginative technology company in the world


MARVELL pioneered the development of low-power microchips for the data storage industry, but their ambition was to reach the masses. And that meant taking on Intel. We re-vamped the companies event / trade show presence and hired Stan Lee, the founder of Marvell’s more famous namesake, to generate massive buzz at CES, SXSW and Mobile World Congress. To make the conspicuous consumption of electronic power sexy, we got the star of Entourage, Adrian Grenier, to pitch our low power story at hip events and in social media. Marvel’s Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, and Governator Schwarzenegger, championed our co-sponsored Smart Electronics Initiative in the corridors of political power. Meanwhile, our multi-language video content and digital marketing efforts pitched a variety of products. As a result, Apple, Google, China Mobile and Baidu are now amongst Marvell’s customers. Sales outside of data storage are up by 48%.

Featured: Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics & Films, pitching Marvell Technology at CES Las Vegas.

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